In It Together For The Kids!

At Meadow Brook we function on the foundation of our SCOPE of vision.  

SCOPE stands for Student-Centered, Optimistic, and Partnership-enhanced.

Student-Centered. Everything we do is for the kids we serve.  The core of every challenge we face rests on our students’ safety, well-being, learning and growth.  We look to our respect code to stay present in, and intentional about this core value.

The RCS respect code states that every stakeholder has the right to be safe, valued, and respected. This begins with the kids and extends through every adult working to ensure the joyful, world-class education we pride ourselves on providing. 

Optimistic. We frame our optimism around challenges.  Through an optimistic lens we view all challenges as short-term, limited in scope, and solvable.  We believe that we must say positive for the sake the kids we serve.  We are committed to exhausting every dialogue and considering every possibility on their behalf.

Partnership-Enhanced. When we use the phrase “in it together for the kids,” we do so with the expectation that every stakeholder takes them to heart.  Sometimes we will agree with one another and sometimes we will question one another’s judgement. Diversity of thought is a natural and healthy aspect of positive partnerships. Let’s never question one another’s motives along the way.  Let’s always remember that at Meadow Brook we are all, with every interaction, in it together for the kids!

Thank you for you partnership…in it together for the kids!

Wishing you another joyful Meadow Brook week!

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