Mouse PAW 3/24/19 “Together”

Be A Meadow Brook Hero!

Safe. Respectful. Responsible.

Greetings, Meadow Brook Partners!

This week we did some wonderful things…together.

We partnered up to develop our skills and engage in our passion for writing.

We were visited by Senator McMarrow and Dr. Shaner, and treated to some reading for March is Reading Month.

We had our annual Great Read Aloud Swap this week!

We sere visited by some of our incredible Rochester High School mentors for some French language studies.

We had a Math Pentathlon competition!

And we did it all together!

Here’s to another joyful Meadow Brook week!

Thank you for your patience and you partnership…in it together for the kids.

With gratitude,




Seth E. Berg


Meadow Brook Elementary

Call: (248) 726 -4101


My Reflective Journey: Berg’s Eye View

The MBE WAG 3/25/19 – 3/31/19

Monday, March 25th

  • Representative Michael Webber to Visit for March is Reading Month
  • 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM MBE Teacher Tech Club (MBE teachers)

Tuesday, March 26th

  • 5th Grade Composite Purchase Forms Due
  • 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM RCS PAC IEP Advocacy Event (Admin – Harrison Room)

Wednesday, March 27th

  • Report Cards Posted in ParentVue
  • 9:20 AM – 10:20 AM Kindergarten to Fire Station (Kubik)
  • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Kindergarten to Fire Station (Jennings and Keith)

Thursday, March 28th

  • 8:45 AM Superintendent’s Coffee (MBE Media Center)
  • 9:30 AM PTA Council Meeting

Friday, March 29th

  • Carnival Wristband Pre-Sales Due
  • Bring Break Begins at the End of the Day

Saturday, March 30th

  • Spring Break

Sunday, March 31st

  • Spring Break

Hero Headlines: Mouse PAW China 2019 “We Share”

Be A Meadow Brook Hero!

Safe. Respectful. Responsible.

We went to China last week.  Take a quick look with the lates Mouse PAW (Peek at the Week) video embedded below.

What a beautiful country!

We were treated with such incredible kindness and warmth.

We moved from city to city and school to school.

We took a whirlwind tour of the education system in and around the Shanghai region.

We met administrators, teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders along the way.

We shared stories of our individual and collective journey and we listened as our hosts shared theirs with us.  It was wonderful.

We talked, we problem solved, we ate, we laughed, we played, we drew calligraphy characters, and we learned a few words to express how we were feeling…”thank you” and “beautiful” among others.

We engaged and our Chinese partners engaged with us.

I can’t describe the magnitude of the wonders we experience in words or in pictures.  You simply had to be there.  Actually, I highly recommend that you go.

Of all the thoughts and ideas rushing through my mind in this moment the one that stands out the most is that we are more alike than we are different.

I’m honored to represent Rochester Community Schools and Meadow Brook Elementary School as a part of this most recent China delegation, and I’m ready to extend the experience as we seek to continue enhancing our Global Awareness initiatives including our efforts to extend curriculum, programming and opportunities around diversity and inclusion.

Coming tougher with like-minded people from around the world is good for our community and great for our students, from the youngest to the oldest we serve. It’s good for our teachers, our parents, and our administrators.

It’s been really good for me:).

Here’s to another joyful Meadow Brook week!

Thank you for your patience and you partnership…in it together for the kids.

With gratitude,




Seth E. Berg


Meadow Brook Elementary

Call: (248) 726 -4101


My Reflective Journey: Berg’s Eye View

MBE PTA Spring Carnival 2019 Updates And Information

MBE PTA Spring Carnival 2019 Cake Donation Form

MBE PTA Spring Carnival 2019 Volunteer Sign Up Form

MBE PTA Spring Carnival 2019 Wristband Form

2019 Spring Carnival Update!

Hello MBE Families,

Spring Carnival 2019 is almost here, but there is still a lot to do before the big day.

PTA’s Spring Carnival is the biggest fundraiser of the year for our school, and also a lot of fun! However, in order for Carnival to be super successful and a great time, we need a lot of help from you! Here are some great ways to get involved:

If you like to bake (or buy baked goods!) and are interested in donating treats for the bake sale at Carnival, follow this link to sign up: MBE PTA Spring Carnival Bake Sale Sign Up

If you REALLY like to bake (or REALLY like to buy baked goods!), consider donating a cake or two for our cake walk! (See attached flyer for more info)

If you’d rather donate time at the event, consider giving us an hour to help things run smoothly. Sign up here: MBE PTA Spring Carnival Volunteer Sign Up

By now, you have probably received communication from your classroom basket coordinator about how to donate to your classroom basket. In addition to donating to the baskets, we would love if you would join us to wrap baskets prior to Carnival! Sign up here to help – with enough people, it doesn’t take more than an hour or two. All wrapping materials are provided.

MBE PTA Spring Carnival Basket Wrapping Sign Up

And finally, a great way to make Carnival successful is simply to join in the fun! If you haven’t turned in your wristband order form yet, you can find it attached. Pre order wristbands are just $10 and are due by March 29th. After that, plan on buying your wristbands at the door for $15. *Preschool age siblings are FREE, as are parents/adults.

We’ve been working hard to make this night spectacular and can’t wait to see you there!

-Your MBE PTA Spring Carnival Team

Questions? Email Emily Perez,

MBE WAG 3/18 – 3/24

Monday, March 18th

  • Senator McMarrow at MBE for March is Reading Month!
  • 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM RCS China Trip Information Night (Admin Building: Harrison Room – for families with students in 7th – 12th grade)

Tuesday, March 19th

  • 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Conferences at Meadow Brook (arrangements made with classroom teacher)

Wednesday, March 20th

  • 8:15 AM Student Council Meeting for 2nd Semester Reps (MBE Media Center)
  • 7:00 PM Sparkle Awards (Stony Creek High School Auditorium)
  • MBE/PTA Panera Family Restaurant Event

Thursday, March 21st

  • Kindergarten to Dinosaur Hill (9:30 AM – 11:00 AM Jennings, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Kubik, 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM Keith)
  • 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM Conferences at Meadow Brook (arrangements made with classroom teacher)

Friday, March 22nd

  • No Special Events

Saturday, March 23rd

Sunday, March 24th

  • No Special Events