A ThinkMBE Classroom Connection: Active Listening

[Message from Robin Czarniowski – 3rd/4th Grade MBE Teacher]

On Monday some 3rd and 4th grade Meadow Brook Heroes participated in an active listening lesson.

The students were given 4 minutes to draw a colorful monster.

They then sat back to back with a partner.

Partner 1 gave step by step oral directions on drawing their monster while partner 2 tried to recreate the monster. Roles were then reversed.

There was lively discussion and laughter as the kids compared the copied monster with the original.

We held a class discussion on the challenges of listening with purpose, as well as the challenges of giving clear, concise directions.

The objective of the lesson was to practice our listening skills, engagement, and social interaction skills.

It worked!  Can’t wait to continue on this Active Listening journey.  Stay tuned for more!


What Are New Pedagogies for Deep Learning?

Message Authors: Mandy Lyons (MBE LC) & Laura Nazione (MBE Speech/Language Pathologist)

Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Nazione are representing MBE in an Oakland County Cohort studying NPDL.

Stay tuned for more about their learning journey and how it impacts our student’s well-being and achievement!

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL)

What is it?

  • An international network of educators working collaboratively to improve the learning experiences for ALL students and educators.
  • Provides systems thinking to Education at the classroom, school, and district, regional, state and international level.
  • Provides a web site (“The Hub”) to member schools/districts with resources, materials and exemplars internationally. 
  • It focuses on the Deep Learning portion of the coherence Framework; by Michael Fullan and Joann Quinn.

What are key elements of NPDL?

  • Four key elements that mobilize learning of students: Learning Partnerships, Learning Environments, Leveraging Digital, Pedagogical Practices
  • The 6 Global Competencies or 6 C’s: character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking
  • Collaborative Inquiry
  • Inquiry learning done in collaboration with other educators
  • Using process tools like a Tuning protocol for reflective practices
  • Participating in the NPDL moderation process which helps to calibrate practice with the 6 c’s and provides quality feedback to educators.

The Lyons Letter: LC Welcome and Introduction

Who Am I? What do I Do?

              My name is Mandy Lyons, I ‘m the Learning Consultant here at Meadow Brook Elementary.  My background is in reading, data and assessment, including over ten years of classroom teaching experience.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, with minors in Language Arts and Math, a Master of Arts degree in Teaching Reading and Writing, and an Ed. Specialist Degree in Leadership, all from Rochester’s own Oakland University—go Golden Grizzlies!  I also hold a state endorsement as a Reading Specialist. 
          As learning consultant I work closely with grade levels teachers, using current research and data, to support differentiated instruction and best practices, in and out of the classroom.  I provide student services based on our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, with a focus on continuous positive progress regarding student growth and learning.  I also support, and coordinate all assessment practices, including state and district assessments.  Please touch base at any time with thoughts, ideas, or questions!
                               248-726-4100, ext. 4109