Updates From The Office 9.7.18

A few friendly reminders from the Meadow Brook Office!

  • Please update emergency cards on ParentVUE (even if no changes…must be submitted).
  • If you bring your child to school after the 8:58 AM bell please park in the lot and come to the office to sign him/her in.
  • Please send picture forms in by Monday.
  • Please bring any medicine and compete any Medical Action Plan (MAP) forms asap.
  • You can Contact Mrs. Legree at (248) 726 – 4102 or jlegree@rochester.k12.mi.us

Thank you!

The Lyons Letter: LC Welcome and Introduction

Who Am I? What do I Do?

              My name is Mandy Lyons, I ‘m the Learning Consultant here at Meadow Brook Elementary.  My background is in reading, data and assessment, including over ten years of classroom teaching experience.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, with minors in Language Arts and Math, a Master of Arts degree in Teaching Reading and Writing, and an Ed. Specialist Degree in Leadership, all from Rochester’s own Oakland University—go Golden Grizzlies!  I also hold a state endorsement as a Reading Specialist. 
          As learning consultant I work closely with grade levels teachers, using current research and data, to support differentiated instruction and best practices, in and out of the classroom.  I provide student services based on our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, with a focus on continuous positive progress regarding student growth and learning.  I also support, and coordinate all assessment practices, including state and district assessments.  Please touch base at any time with thoughts, ideas, or questions!
                               248-726-4100, ext. 4109

MBE WAG: 9/10 – 9/14

Your Upcoming Week at a Glance:

Monday – 9/10/18 – Picture Day all day

Monday – 9/10/18  – ECSE 1st day of school

Tuesday – 9/11/18 – Assessment Day (Beier, Jakubiak & Reeves)

Thursday – 9/13/18 – Assessment Day (Piechalski, Lovell & Davis)

Thursday – 9/13/18 – Curriculum Night 5:30 &/or 6:15 p.m.

Friday – 9/14/18 – On line Registration Due

Friday – 9/14/18 – Medical Action Plans (MAPs) Due

Meadow Brook WAG: 9/3 – 9/7

Monday 9/3

  • No School

Tuesday 9/4

  • Half Day (Dismissal at 12:10)
  • PTA BooHoo/YaHoo Coffee (MBE Media Center 9:30 AM)

Wednesday 9/5

  • Full Day 1st – 5th Grade
  • Full Day Kindergarten Last Names A – M

Thursday 9/6

  • Full Day 1st – 5th Grade
  • Full Day Kindergarten Last Names N – Z

Friday 9/7 – No Special Events



Allergy Awareness: Safety and Inclusion

Dear Meadow Brook Partners,

This year we have many students in our building and classrooms that have severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and other food items.  Because of the seriousness of these allergies we are asking that only nut safe snacks are sent to school for snacks and class parties.  It is the policy of Meadow Brook Elementary and Rochester Community Schools to make the safety and well-being of our students our top priority, and with that in mind the guidelines and procedures outlined below have been put into action.

Classrooms Snacks, Parties & Celebrations

Classrooms with students that have allergies will have appropriate signs posted at their entrance. These classrooms will also routinely wash their hands and clean surfaces throughout the classroom. Communication will be sent home to all families alerting them to an allergy in their child’s classroom and helping them understand how to follow the safe snack guidelines on the district webpage. 

Snacks: Please pack your child’s snack in a separate bag from their lunch. These items will be checked by support staff at the beginning of the school day to ensure they are allergy-safe.  

Parties/Celebrations:  Snacks at parties/celebrations will follow our district guidelines and procedures to maintain and safe, nut-free environment for students with allergies.  


Students may bring lunches that contain nuts. We aim to promote inclusiveness while maintaining a safe environment, so a “nut restricted” table and a “nut restricted and hot lunch” table will be available for students with allergies & their friends. We allow families to make arrangements for friends to sit together at our “nut restricted” tables with approval and guidance on how to ensure allergy safe lunches. Please contact me or your child’s teacher for more information.  


Food Allergy Guidelines & Procedures

Safe Snack Guide

Our goal is to make school a safe and joyful place for all of our students.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding with this critically important aspect of our school community. If you have any questions, please contact me.




Seth Berg 


Meadow Brook Elementary 

Rochester Community Schools

Call: (248) 726 – 4101

Click: sberg@rochester.k12.mi.us

Mr Reflective Journey: Berg’s Eye View

In It Together For The Kids!

At Meadow Brook we function on the foundation of our SCOPE of vision.  

SCOPE stands for Student-Centered, Optimistic, and Partnership-enhanced.

Student-Centered. Everything we do is for the kids we serve.  The core of every challenge we face rests on our students’ safety, well-being, learning and growth.  We look to our respect code to stay present in, and intentional about this core value.

The RCS respect code states that every stakeholder has the right to be safe, valued, and respected. This begins with the kids and extends through every adult working to ensure the joyful, world-class education we pride ourselves on providing. 

Optimistic. We frame our optimism around challenges.  Through an optimistic lens we view all challenges as short-term, limited in scope, and solvable.  We believe that we must say positive for the sake the kids we serve.  We are committed to exhausting every dialogue and considering every possibility on their behalf.

Partnership-Enhanced. When we use the phrase “in it together for the kids,” we do so with the expectation that every stakeholder takes them to heart.  Sometimes we will agree with one another and sometimes we will question one another’s judgement. Diversity of thought is a natural and healthy aspect of positive partnerships. Let’s never question one another’s motives along the way.  Let’s always remember that at Meadow Brook we are all, with every interaction, in it together for the kids!

Thank you for you partnership…in it together for the kids!

Wishing you another joyful Meadow Brook week!

Teacher Assignment

Happy Friday, Meadow Brook Partners!

Teacher Assignment:  

Today is the day that you and your kids will learn who your teacher-partners are for the 2018 – 2019 school year; a super exciting day!

Please know that the Meadow Brook staff has worked tirelessly to make sure that each student is placed in the classroom we genuinely feel is ideal for his or her unique social, emotional, and academic needs.  We are confident that with strong parent, teacher, student, support staff, and administrative partnerships, all Meadow Brook students are set to learn, grow, and achieve at high levels.  

Furthermore, we are confident that on the foundation of these placements and partnerships, our ongoing training and preparation, and our collective passion for educating children, all Meadow Brook students will experience a safe and joyful school year!

The placements you will receive today began with a series of meetings during which each grade level team of teachers thought through their ideas about individual student needs and combinations for balanced, productive classrooms. Parent input was incorporated during that process to refine potential class lists.  

Next, I reviewed class lists multiple times over the summer, matching them up to the input I received from staff and parents by way of the many forms that were submitted and the many conversations that occurred around students’ unique learning needs and parents thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

Finally, over the past few weeks I cross referenced all input I have on file and reopened dialogues by engaging in multiple conversations with staff and parents as needed. 

As you know, there are a finite amount of possible combinations.  All input has been thoughtfully processed though open-minded reflection and multiple lines of feedback.

Please know that I take this process extremely seriously and that I am thrilled about the results.  Having submitted my final class lists for distribution, I am profoundly excited about the journey that each or your kids is about to embark on!  Together, we’ve created a foundation for success in the upcoming school year!

Please contact me directly at sberg@rochester.k12.mi.us with any questions.

Next Week:

  • Monday 8/27: 
    • RCS Staff PD AM & PM – Readers Workshop (TCRWP from Columbia University)
    • RCS Parent Diversity & Inclusion Meeting (Admin/Harrison Room 6:00 – 8:00 PM)
  • Tuesday 8/28: 
    • MBE Staff – PD AM (MBE 8:00 – 11:00 AM) Thank You for Breakfast PTA!
    • MBE Staff – Room Prep PM
  • Wednesday 8/29:
    • RCS Staff Opening Day Collaboration ( RHS 8 – 11:15 AM)
    • MBE Staff Meeting (MBE 1 – 1:30 PM)
    • MBE World of Welcome (WOW! at MBE – students and families invited to school 1:30 – 2:30 PM)
    • MBE Staff Meeting Wrap Up (MBE 2:30 – 3:00 PM)
  • Thursday 8/30: No Special Events
  • Friday 8/31: No Special Events


Join our Meadow Brook Mentorship program…new families and mentor families needed!

Meadow Brook Mentor Program – New Family Form

Meadow Brook Mentor Program – Mentor Family Form

Here’s to another great Meadow Brook start!

Wishing you a joyful weekend,




Seth E. Berg


Meadow Brook Elementary

Rochester Community Schools

Call: (248) 726 – 4101

Click: sberg@rochester.k12.mi.us

My Reflective Journey: Berg’s Eye View