MBE School Improvement Plan (SIP) Hero Headlines: PBIS at MBE (Kindness Write-Around)

A Message from Ms. Troutt: Kindness Write-Around in 5th Grade!

Every Monday, we begin our week with a Kindness Write-Around.

In this activity, the whole group sits in a circle with a sheet of paper with their name on it.

Every 40 seconds, we pass the paper to the right and write a compliment for the person whose name is on the paper.

At the end of the Kindness Write-Around, each person receives a paper full of compliments from his/her classmates – and has given a compliment to every classmate, as well!

We do this on Monday mornings to set the tone for the week.

It comes before we do any lessons because, above everything else, it is of utmost importance to treat each other with kindness and respect.

In the Kindness Write-Around, everyone must think something positive about everyone else in the room, and everyone receives a paper showing just how important s/he is in our classroom community.

This has been a wonderful community-building tool in our classroom!

MBE School Improvement Plan (SIP) Hero Headlines: PBIS at MBE (Mind Up)

A Message from Mrs. Czarniowski: Mind Up In 3rd and 4th Grade!

In Mrs. Czarniowski’s 3/4 split classroom kids are learning a lot about active listening through what’s called the “Mind Up” curriculum.

Mrs. Czarniowski uses “Mind Up” to drive Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS) in her classroom.

The idea is that we need to practice with tools and skills for active listening and respectful communication.

This practice helps us interact with one another with kindness and compassion in real time, and in turn, it helps us stay positive in any number of challenging situations that could and do occur during the course of any typical day.

During the practice, kids were split up into groups of four or five.

One student in each group read directions describing what to draw while the others drew.

It sounds easy, right.  What the kids learned is that following a set of directions precisely takes some focus and dedication, just like actively listening in any situation.

Mrs. Czarniowski facilitated a reflective conversation with the whole group following the activity.  Kids were enthusiastic about sharing their thinking around how it all went, how people typically function when speaking and listening, and how we can all grow.

They discussed challenges, problem solving, intentionality, distractions, kindness and more.

PBIS is about learning and growth.  As our 1st grade partner Mrs. Lovell always reminds, “practice makes progress!”

Mrs. Czarniowski’s kids are making progress through their “Mind Up” practice!

Focused and Engaged.
Thinking and Trying.
Collaborative and Productive.

MBE School Improvement Plan (SIP) Hero Happening: Nurturing Our Love For Reading!

This past Saturday a group of Meadow Brook educators (and friends) attended the Colby Sharp event at Oakland Schools sponsored by the Oakland County Reading Council.

Colby Sharp shared his new book “Game Changer,” co-written with Donalyn Miller, focusing on student engagement with books and getting books into the hands of all our students!

(Back Row) Jill West, Rachel Reeves, Colby Sharp, Paige Davis, Alysia Beier, Liz Schroeck, Coleen Mestdagh, Marisa Jakubiak, (Front Row) Jen Lovell, Lynnette Teller, Mandy Lyons

Some take aways to enhance our kids love for reading:

  • Discover kids’ interests – whatever they are!
  • Get books in kids hands – whatever they like!
  • Make reading fun and exciting – always joyful!
  • Make reading your world – reading should be like breathing! 
  • Read across the curriculum – Read, Read, Read!
  • Charting your journey can help you help your kids along their…what’s your reading life like – how did it start for you and how did it progress?

Thank you to our incredible PTA for supporting our School Improvement Plan by providing funding for this and many more adult learning opportunities!

Thank you to our incredible staff for being leaders in learning!

You are all Meadow Brook Heroes!

Keep up the great work on behalf of our kids’ safe and joyful learning and growth!

Stay tuned for more on our School Improvement Efforts.

Check out our current School Improvement Plan (SIP) here: MBE School Improvement Plan 2018 – 2019

In it together for the kids!