MBE Candy for Charity is Here!

Too much candy after trick-or-treating?!

No worries!

Bring it to Meadow Brook starting tomorrow through November 8th and feed it to our MB Candy Monster!

Candies will be donated to various local organizations.

It’d also be a great help if chocolate candy was bagged separately from non-chocolate.

Thank you!

MBE PTA Green Schools Committee

A ThinkMBE Classroom Connection: Active Listening

[Message from Robin Czarniowski – 3rd/4th Grade MBE Teacher]

On Monday some 3rd and 4th grade Meadow Brook Heroes participated in an active listening lesson.

The students were given 4 minutes to draw a colorful monster.

They then sat back to back with a partner.

Partner 1 gave step by step oral directions on drawing their monster while partner 2 tried to recreate the monster. Roles were then reversed.

There was lively discussion and laughter as the kids compared the copied monster with the original.

We held a class discussion on the challenges of listening with purpose, as well as the challenges of giving clear, concise directions.

The objective of the lesson was to practice our listening skills, engagement, and social interaction skills.

It worked!  Can’t wait to continue on this Active Listening journey.  Stay tuned for more!


MBE Hero Headlines: Kindness, Giving, and Sharing our Stories!

Safe. Respectful. Responsible.

Greetings, Meadow Brook Partners!

Gratitude to our PTA! If you walk through out front doors you see the signage that our incredible PTA drop off line volunteer team sets up for us each day. Here’s to that group of dedicated Meadow Brook Heroes who brighten up our mornings and inspire us every morning and all day!

“Kindness changes everything!” I couldn’t agree more:).

You are shining examples of our how our Student Centered, Optimistic, Partnership Enhanced core drives all we do on behalf of the kids we serve.

Thank you!

Interested in recognizing a Meadow Brook Hero? Click here for details about our growing “Chain of Heroes” – MBE Chain of Heroes

Our First Hero Happenings Charitable Giving Challenge Is Coming To An End!

Only a few days left to donate to our ITP Awareness Band Aid Drive!

Hero House GRIT is in the lead with more than 140 boxes donated, and all together we have raised over 220 boxes!  Keep up the great work…you are all Meadow Brook Heroes!

So many kids will benefit so greatly from your generous giving!

Meadow Brook Hero NOT Secret Identity Maps

Meadow Brook is proud to be a diverse school community.  What better way to learn about one another that to share our stories!

Please click here for more information about how you can contribute your story to our growing wall of identity maps: Being The Change

Thank you for your patience and your partnership…in it together for the kids!

Wishing you a joyful weekend!




Seth E. Berg


Meadow Brook Elementary

Call: (248) 726 -4101

Click: sberg@rochester.k12.mi.us

My Reflective Journey: Berg’s Eye View

MBE Week At A Glance: 10/29/18 – 11/2/18

Monday, October 29

  • MBE Storybook Pumpkin Patch Project Begins!

Tuesday, October 30

  • No Special Events

Wednesday, October 31

  • Halloween Parade 9:20 a.m. (see teacher for info about parties to follow the parade)

Thursday, November 1

  • PTA Candy for Charity Begins (ends on November 8th)
  • MBE Storybook Pumpkin Project Pumpkins go home
  • Rochester PAC Event: Demystifying Dyscalculia (6 p.m. in the Harrison Room, RCS Administration Building)

Friday, November 2

  • End of First Trimester